• Sustainably Sourced Timber

As the only vertically integrated OSB wood panel manufacturer in Europe, SMARTPLY OSB is made from locally sourced, sustainable, FSC®certified, fast-growing timber from our own well-managed Irish forests. The wood used is small diameter wood from fast growing species such as spruce and pine along with wood that is selectively removed for the purpose of forest thinning. As the only renewable and sustainable building material, timber has low energy consumption and highly efficient thermal insulation properties.

All the timber used to make SMARTPLY is carefully harvested to preserve the forest’s biodiversity, productivity and ecological processes. Unlike tropical plywood, no long-distance transport is involved as all SMARTPLY OSB is manufactured near to its source in Waterford, Ireland.

The FSC® certification is the only internationally-recognised standard that assures buyers of wood-based products that the timber used results from environmentally and socially responsible forestry management. SMARTPLY has received the FSC’s® chain of custody certification covering not only the supply of raw materials but also its manufacturing and distribution processes.