• Sustainable Hoardings

Site hoardings are a key requirement for construction sites under development to ensure health and safety and prevent unauthorised access as part of an on-site security system. While every housebuilder and developer must carefully plan, provide and maintain suitable perimeter barriers to separate the public and others from the construction work, the quality of material used is all too often being overlooked.

On a modern construction site, the environmental performance of every material and product specification is crucial – yet many housebuilders and developers still use plywood for site hoardings. And with Greenpeace stating over £700 million of illegal plywood is imported into the UK each year, SMARTPLY recognised the need for sustainably sourced hoarding systems which offer workability, fast installation and durability.

Made from locally-sourced and environmentally responsible timber grown in the UK and Ireland, SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is a highly engineered robust and durable OSB3 pre-primed panel that has been specifically designed to save contractors both installation time and money in hoarding applications. Ideal for a range of applications from temporary hoarding to long-term site security, FSC® certified SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is pre-primed for subsequent painting or the application of graphic panels. Designed for long lasting looks with no delamination SMARTPLY SITEPROTECT is the perfect fit for housebuilders and developers with a sustainability strategy.

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