• Flame Retardant OSB

It’s vital that every flooring, wall or roofing specification using a flame retardant (FR) wood based product is proven to deliver predictable long term performance backed by independent verification.

While some manufacturers of timber products for roofing, flooring and wall applications treat wood panels with flame retardant after the manufacture of the board, these products are not always re-tested and certified for their end use applications. In some cases, the post-manufacturing treatment of wood panels can compromise their structural integrity.

Developed in response to the STA’s (Structural Timber Association) “Design guide to separating distances during construction” for timber frame buildings over 600m2 and the growing market requirement for FR OSB that meets the European fire classification standards for reaction to fire – the SMARTPLY FLAME RETARDANT OSB3 panels has fire retardance built in.

Used for flooring, roof decking and wall sheathing applications in both new build and renovation projects, SMARTPLY FR OSB3 is manufactured using Zeroignition Solution - a water based, eco-friendly, fire retardant. This penetrates into the wood strands during the panel manufacturing process to ensure comprehensive and reliable fire performance, fully maintain structural integrity and enable SMARTPLY FR OSB to be CE marked at the point of manufacture.